Brand Identity 101: Lessons to Be Learned from Trusted Brands

In order to build and maintain your company’s reputation, it’s essential to create a strong brand identity. Everything from your company’s name and choice of logo design to your tagline and marketing messages needs to reflect the value that your business brings to the market.

Establishing a brand identity takes time and effort. A great way to learn about branding done right is to dig deep into companies that consumers already know and trust.

Here’s a look at a few of the brand identity tactics that some of the biggest and most respected companies in the world are using to connect with consumers and earn their business:

1. Personal Touch.

Amazon is a brand that really excels at personalizing the shopping experience. They understand that convenience is a key reason why consumers turn to Amazon in the first place, so they offer 24/7 access to make purchases and often provide free shipping. They know their customers want to see product reviews before they make a decision, so they offer reviews from consumers to help influence the buyer. Additionally, Amazon’s superior search and browse technology automatically follows-up with customers at a later date reminding them about items they were previously considering and recommending related products.

2. Experiential.

Since its inception, Coca-Cola has promised to make its customers happy. The company uses taglines such as “Ice-Cold Sunshine” and “Life Tastes Good” to carry this message through all aspects of its brand identity. Through happy-go-lucky Facebook messages to custom vending machines that allow customers to create their own drink concoctions, Coca-Cola consistently takes the ideas of spontaneity and delight and works them into all aspects of branding.

3. Internal Brand Buy-In.

If your employees don’t connect with and communicate your values, your brand identity will suffer. Too many companies focus on external branding and overlook internal efforts. It is imperative that you brand your organization from the inside out. Connect your employees with the company brand by offering continuing education, special programs that enhance their work experience, and a strong company culture. When you invite your employees to live the brand, you create a promise that will be upheld and consistent all the way through the company.

Your brand identity is your single most important asset. When done well, a strong brand helps your business to be more memorable with your target audience, improve employee morale, and strengthen employee retention rates.

Strong branding starts on the inside, and our team at Equal Parts can help you transform your company culture so that your employees live your brand and values on a daily basis. Contact us to learn how we can partner with your organization to strengthen your brand and maximize ROI.