Company Culture Lessons from C3 Risk and Insurance Services

“Integrity above all” is one of the core values at C3 Risk and Insurance Services. This company is successfully creating a challenging and creative work environment by promoting a culture based on trust, innovation, understanding, humility, and fun. The way C3 has brought their values into the workplace is directly and positively improving their bottom line.

A progressive workplace culture is an increasingly important value to job seekers. C3 is leading the way as an organization that embraces and promotes a positive employee experience that empower workers to grow both personally and professionally. In return, their employees are motivated, their clients are happy, and their business is thriving.

C3 is a San Diego-based insurance brokerage that currently has 43 professionals on staff and projects a 100 percent growth rate for 2018. They are laser focused on disrupting the insurance brokerage industry status quo and delivering to their customer base a new experience. One of their strategies involves leveraging innovation and technology in order to free the team to spend more team building personal and productive relationships with their client base. This relationship driven strategy is dependent upon building a strong culture based on an excited, dedicated, and motivated staff. Here is how the company excels at promoting a robust company culture:

Leading by Example
The commitment to developing a meaningful culture at C3 starts at the top. When the three owners decided to build this company, they wanted to create a space that was not only unique to any other company but one where they would want to call home for good. In order to empower the team and gain their input for the betterment of the organization, the ownership team committed to being vulnerable. Specifically, they have shown a willingness to expose themselves without consequence to critical input from their team. They call it “keeping their feathers down”…an anecdote to peacock feathers. They understand that the natural reaction to critical feedback on something so personal is an egoist response. In such scenarios, it’s hard to truly listen with empathy, validate the feedback, look in the mirror and find a way to improve. However, C3’s commitment to “keeping their feathers down” works, AND shows the team that critical feedback is not only welcomed, but necessary for their company’s success.

Highly-Engaged Staff
Employees at C3 interact like family members. They are encouraged to build lasting relationships that grow and develop over time. The management team leads by example and constantly challenges each other to think about how they could be doing better. They actively discuss how to operationalize their company values. In turn, team members feel that management genuinely cares about them as individuals. These team members are actively partnering in the success of the company and are further motivated by their industry leading practices.

The company places a high value on building positive and productive relationships with co-workers and clients alike. Employee development opportunities are abundant even in daily interaction such as cross-training, cross-selling, team transparency, and numerous collaboration opportunities. Additionally, C3 pays close attention to the human side of client needs and desires. Listening carefully and going the extra mile for clients are common themes at C3.

Personal Touch
They host events such as networking mixers for their clients in order to build stronger relationships and allow their employees to connect with clients on a deeper level in less formal settings.

Building mutual respect between clients and employees is a cornerstone value for the company. In brainstorming sessions, each employee is encouraged to share ideas not only on how to improve company-client relations, but on how to improve the company as a whole. In addition, high-performing team members are publicly recognized and awarded prizes. Performance is measured using KPIs, evaluating time management, and through project management tools.

The company also offers a unique and state-of-the-art work space that make employees feel at home. Amenities include a meditation room, soft music, a coffee bar, a fireplace, and a generally warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Built-In Training and Development
Along with mentorship programs, C3 encourages employees to build upon their skills and experience through company paid training and development opportunities. C3 will pay for employees’ continuing education and help track industry licenses through their agency management system.

Performance reviews are held bi-weekly in private one-on-one meetings, which allows team members to ask questions and gain valuable insight into their work. In these meetings, team members discuss their biggest pain points and successes.

When employees feel valued and appreciated, they are naturally perform better. In addition, a commitment to collaboration and a focus on team building is enabling the company to scale faster than their competitors all while delivery best in class service to their clients.

At Equal Parts, we believe developing a strong company culture is one of the most important foundations on which to build a successful company. Contact us today to find out how we can help your organization achieve lasting and meaningful success.