Help! Our Company Culture Is Dead In The Water!

Companies evolve over time. They are subject to many of the same factors that change people, whether they are internal company issues, variations in the marketplace, or societal changes. Whatever the reason, your company culture can change drastically from what it was when your business was founded. If the changes are for the better, that’s great. However, if they are leading your company down a road you don’t like, it might be time to review and improve your company culture.

There are many different ways to improve the culture; however, there is no one policy or single meeting that is going to make the difference. The change will have to come from incremental and sustained steps to make a difference.

Here is a list of some steps you can take to begin revitalizing your culture and keep it from straying too far from your ideal state.

Company Culture Involves Your Team, Seek Their Advice

If you are noticing a change in your company culture, there is a very good chance other people are also seeing it. Ask your team about the change and why they think it occurred. Regardless of their answers, listen to them. What you might believe is the reason behind the change may not be the cause. If you listen with sincerity, over time their answers are going to reveal a lot about your employee’s emotions as as their thoughts and feelings about your company.

Look At Your Competitors And Their Company Culture

You aren’t trying to copy their culture, after all culture comes from individuals working together towards common goals. Looking at how your peers are developing their culture can teach you both what to do avoid. Additionally, you can also learn about any industry specific traits that would help promote a healthy culture.

Look To The Past To Improve Your Future

At one time you were happy with your company culture, whether it was when the company was founded or during those early years. Think back to when you were happy with your culture, ask yourself what were the key parts of your culture when it was healthy? What made it so good? Could you recreate any of those aspects that contributed to a positive culture?

Teamwork Begins When People Know They Are On A Team

Often as companies grow employees lose sight of their role in the company. They no longer understand the significance of their job, they simply do it. They can become myopic in their view of the company, focusing only on their part. You can combat this negative trend by encouraging your staff to learn about each other’s positions and explaining to them how their role contributes to the company. This doesn’t necessarily have to be a formal meeting, but it should be an ongoing effort. It can also be effective to discuss during an annual company picnic or awards ceremony which has the added benefit of informing employees families how valuable the employee is to the company.

Equal Parts understands that businesses sometimes begin to drift into directions they don’t want to go. We have helped companies refocus and get back on track. If you believe your company is losing some of its competitive edge, we invite you to contact us.