How CPC Strategy Emphasizes Company Culture

Some companies get it when it comes to company culture and employee engagement, and CPC Strategy of San Diego is one of them. Because of their multi-faceted approach to employee relations, the San Diego Business Journal named them one of the best places to work in San Diego. Additionally, the San Diego Union-Tribune listed them as one of the ten best places to work in San Diego.

Kristi Pastore, a partner in Equal Parts Consulting, interviewed Diana Cava-Enriquez, the Manager of Culture and Engagement for CPC, and learned how they onboard new hires and keep current employees engaged.

Here are some of the steps their leadership team took as they worked to build an inclusive company culture;

No Physical Barriers

Kristi learned CPC offices have an open-space design; there are no physical barriers between the leadership team and employees. This allows for open communication and the free flow of ideas from the entry level team members to senior management.

Everybody Matters

The company’s values are Learn, Create, Inspire (LCI). These core values are the driving force behind their company culture.

The leadership team at CPC values each employee regardless of their position. Even interns are incorporated into their workflow, and they can speak directly to the management team and propose ideas.

The company routinely sends Google surveys out to their employees and asks for their input on a variety of topics ranging from “are the lights too bright” to what management can do to improve employee longevity. And the leadership will act on the actionable suggestions, which is the key to making the surveys meaningful for employees.

Employees Are Updated Regularly

Every week the company has pulse meetings, where everyone is advised on how the company and projects are progressing. Each fiscal quarter there is a financial pulse meeting. Diana said these meetings are critical to employee engagement.

Proactive Onboarding And Employee Engagement

CPC grew from 50 to 100 employees within one year. Despite the growth, Diana said they still haven’t changed their onboarding process. CPC make new hires welcome from the beginning with special welcoming gifts and treats. These include personalized swag, a handwritten note, and a dozen cookies sent to their home before they start. They also speak with senior management, so they aren’t a nameless face. This is especially important this year as their company continues to grow.

The new hires are mentored, are able to shadow experienced employees, and encouraged to create their tasks within their career, so they are forging their roles within the company.

Employees meet twice a year for performance reviews which include key performance indicators (KPI), goal setting, and career path management. The company is recognition driven and consistently rewards employees for meeting their KPIs.

Employees are recognized both personally and in front of the group during the weekly pulse meetings. Furthermore, no one operates in a bubble at CPC. Employees understand the functions of other departments by learning their responsibilities through collaboration and participating in activities with each other.

Perks That Make A Difference

They also create a fun atmosphere in the office by hosting things such as a 90’s style party, laser tag, and beach parties. Additionally, the company provides many conventional and unconventional benefits;

  • Employee assistance programs

  • Discounted pet insurance

  • Yoga classes

  • Free healthy snacks, food, and beer in a lounge

  • Game room

  • Collaborative spaces

  • Financial and home buying consulting

  • Wellness program

  • PTO days are awarded for volunteer time

It’s great to have the opportunity to learn how other companies are creating a positive company culture. Equal Parts Consulting works with numerous clients, helping them develop and improve their own company culture, employee engagement, and streamline their human resources.

If you would like to know more about how we can help you, schedule a free consultation. We would be happy to discuss solutions to help your company and employees grow to full potential.