How to Improve Your Company Culture

Emboldened by an improving economy, today’s job seekers are looking beyond just a paycheck and benefits. They seek places that have a positive company culture and employee experience. In order to succeed, you must ensure your organization is in line with emerging hiring trends.

Hire People Who Align with Company Values

We’ve been telling you about the successes of companies that place a high value on company culture. Signature Analytics is a sound member of that club of businesses who understand the importance of cultural fit.

The company is aimed at helping small and mid-sized businesses with their financial and accounting needs. According to recent reports, the hard work has paid off.

Not only is the company one of the fastest-growing in San Diego County, they’ve also been recognized with several other achievements, such as:

  • 2017 Inc. 5,000 Fastest-Growing Companies (#509)

  • 2017 San Diego Business Journal Fastest-Growing Private Companies (#13)

  • 2017 Best Places to Work (#12 for medium-sized business)

  • 2016 San Diego Business Journal Fastest-Growing Private Companies (#3)

  • 2016 Inc. 500 Fast-Growing Companies (#443)

The management team attributes the positive company culture to recruiting efforts centered around four core values:

  1. Great People
  2. Continuous Improvement
  3. Client success
  4. Business Advisors

In addition, leadership works to ensure that every potential hire is a good fit through criteria such as values alignment and commitment to personal and professional improvement.

Guide Employees Toward Success

CEO Peter Heald is a hands-on executive. He makes a point to engage team members and interact with them daily. When workers feel they’re able to approach leadership with questions and concerns, they feel more connected to the team and the company. This helps build a healthy and dynamic workplace culture.

When a new team member is brought on board, they’re not just left to fend for themselves. New hires can turn to a manager, client engagement leader, or the market operations leader with questions and issues to help them quickly learn how their work contributes to the greater vision and mission of the company. When you guide and mentor employees, you let them know that you care about their personal and professional growth.

In meetings, new team members are encouraged to share their professional goals. Meetings are also an opportunity for them to learn new skills. When you involve people in meetings, you help them learn how to talk through their concerns and ideas, which lends to a greater sense of networking and involvement.

Signature Analytics also focuses on promoting a dynamic culture through the use of career maps, which are created to help each employee envision the steps that will be taken as they move forward in their career. This creates a sense of belonging, and also helps employees understand what they need to do to move ahead.

No Worker is on an Island

Culture at Signature Analytics is built-in. The company hosts frequent team-building activities including sporting events, in-office games, race sponsorships, happy hour gatherings, and more.

When you show the ‘fun’ side of work, employees let their guards down and feel connected to the company on a personal level.

In the end, company culture is not something that just happens. You have to work hard to ensure your business is an inviting and productive environment for both workers and clients. When you show that your company is involved in more than just the day-to-day operations, you create a positive work experience.