Real Improvement In Employee Productivity Begins With Your Company’s Culture

Employee productivity is deeply tied to your company culture. This is why you must create or change your entire culture to have a real effect on employee productivity. Special events such as hack nights and contests do help increase short-term, but to have a long-lasting effect, you must make it a priority at every level all the time.

With that in mind, consider the following strategies to help your company increase and maintain productivity.

People Want Important Work

Give your employees meaningful work they want to do. Employees need to know their tasks are essential and how their work contributes to the company. No matter the job, it must be explained how it works into the system. Without connecting the dots, your employees have no idea why they are working.

Create A Communications Channel

Encourage open communications between the staff member and their supervisors. This doesn’t mean micro-managing your staff’s work, by having managers continually looking over their shoulders. Instead, it means merely ensuring they know they can go to their supervisor to seek help or advice without being penalized. Encourage conversations with employees by offering things such as:

  • Open office hours with executive level members

  • Payment for ideas that help streamline internal operations

  • Recruitment/referral bonuses

  • Talks or classes given by outside experts on topics that would help people do their work more efficiently

  • And, yes, game nights, hack nights, and other collaborative work get-togethers help improve informal communication.

Hey, remember me?

Give regular feedback to your employees. Nobody wants to believe they are working in a vacuum. Feedback, even when critical, let’s an employee know management acknowledges their work. Make sure your input is relevant and has actionable remedies. Make the session more of an instructional meeting, keep it light but on topic.

When telling them they did a good job, let them know precisely what task they did that brought your attention to them.

Let People See The Fruits Of Their Labor

When your company completes a project, allow your employees to know the result. If the project is a success, then let them participate in any celebration. And, if you aren’t celebrating your successes, you should start. The beginning and end of significant projects should be acknowledged in some fashion. The idea is not to let tasks become common parts of a day. This kind of tedious work promotes dissatisfaction and boredom.

Encourage Education And Training

Promote training and learning both inside and outside of your company. Develop training programs on topics your staff can use throughout their life. Learning new skills about topics like time management, goal setting, and networking will help you and your team in both your personal and professional lives. Employees will feel more connected to the training if they can use it at home, or help their family with it.

Equal Parts Consulting can help you increase your employee productivity. If you are experiencing problems such as losing staff or low output, we encourage you to contact us and learn how we can help you increase the efficiency of your company. We are a premier human resources company located in Carlsbad.