Using Human Resources as The Basis For A Strong Company Culture

Your human resources department is the help center for your employees when they have a problem or question. Besides their direct manager, no other department will see an employee more often than your HR team.

So, how HR operates has a big impact on your company culture. Here are some guidelines you should ensure your HR department is following.

Open Door At Human Resources

Don’t allow a barrier between your human resources department and your employees. An open door policy will enable them to access important information about their pay and benefits at any time. Furthermore, if there is a problem within a department or employees, an open door helps maintain privacy.

Don’t Tolerate Dishonesty

Your HR department is the gateway to your company. If they let somebody in who has questionable morals or poor decision-making skills, you are opening the entire company up to potential disaster.

When reviewing people’s resumes and other credentials, check on the facts. If the truth is so far from their CV that you know there is no way it’s a mistake, you need to let them go.

People Leaving The Company Are Important, Learn From Them

When somebody leaves the company, no matter what their reason, it’s important to conduct a voluntary exit interview. Find out why they are going and classify their decision as either personal or professional.

For example, if a person is leaving your company because they want to live in a different area, there’s little you could do. They are making a decision based on personal needs. However, if they are leaving to go to another company within your industry, or to another industry within your area, ask them what led to the decision.

See, what concerns led to the move. Is the employee nervous about the industry’s future? Or do they have issues with your company?

The crucial part of this exit meeting is to learn from the meeting, don’t try to convince them not to leave. The time to persuade them to remain at your company is in the beginning when the employee announces their departure.

Maintain Transparency When It Comes To Promotions And Assignments

One of the hardest tasks of a human resources department is to curtail the belief that certain people got a job or assignment because of their networking skills and not because of their job skills. If this feeling is left unchecked, it can become a real morale killer.

After promotions or reassignment, highlight the skills of the person who received the job. For example, if you promote somebody from a non-managerial position to a managerial position, list the reasons why they received the job. Give specific examples of education and work experience, don’t say it’s because they are a ‘hard worker,’ everybody believes they are hard workers.

Highlight education, work experience, time in the trade, and other positive factors making the person a good choice. This will not solve the problem completely, but it does allow your company to show there is a method to your promotion system.

Equal Parts Consulting understands the pressures small business face with human resources tasks. If you are looking to improve your HR department or developing new procedures for a more efficient system, we encourage you to call us and learn how we can help your company.