Why Am I Experiencing So Much Employee Turnover?

Your employees are your most valuable asset and are the livelihood of your organization. While employee turnover has always been a challenge for businesses over the years, an improving economy means that companies will have to work even harder to maintain their talent.

If you’re experiencing an uptick in employee turnover lately, you’re not alone. However, when employees are leaving your organization, you need to re-evaluate your company’s culture to determine where the disconnect is. More often than not, employee engagement is the root of the problem.

Surprisingly, employee engagement is an afterthought for many companies. When employees don’t feel a connection with their employer or the type of work that they’re performing, they’re much more likely to leave. The most successful companies practice employee engagement at all levels of the business hierarchy and consistently find ways to cultivate this.

Here are five reasons why employee engagement should matter to your organization:

1. The more engaged your employees are, the more productive they will be.

When your employees feel a connection with your company and believe in the work that they’re performing, they’ll work harder. Companies with engaged employees are 200 percent more productive than those that don’t make employee engagement a priority.

2. Engaged employees will benefit your cause.

Engaging employees in your mission and company culture will make them more willing to work towards your cause. Employees want to feel that they are making a contribution to a noble cause. Finding ways to make your employees be a part of the solution will increase engagement and benefit your cause.

3. High engagement leads to a positive workplace culture.

When employees have a connection with their company and genuinely enjoy the work they’re performing, they’ll radiate positivity. Positive attitudes are contagious and spread throughout the workplace, creating an environment that makes employees want to come to work.

4. More engagement means higher job satisfaction.

When employees believe in the work that they’re performing and feel that they’re making a positive contribution, they’ll feel more satisfied. Satisfied employees will be loyal to your company and won’t jump at an opportunity to leave.

5. Engaged employees are better communicators.

Good communication is critical to the success of your business. When employees are engaged in the work that they’re performing, they’ll be better communicators with colleagues, business partners, and customers alike. In addition, they’ll be more likely to engage in conversation with other employees that turns into productive brainstorming sessions.

All in all, when you engage your employees, you help them to reach their full potential and create a workplace environment that they genuinely enjoy coming to each day. When employees feel fulfilled and that they’re making a positive contribution, they’ll have no reason to leave.

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