Why Human Resources is The Linchpin of Your Success

Having a dedicated human resources team offers many benefits to a company that can help increase stability and engagement. You can have the best product or service on the market, but if your company’s staff is unstable, you will never build the momentum to establish and maintain a strong position in the marketplace.

Caring for employees is a time-consuming business. HR covers everything from performance management, recruiting, onboarding, orientation and training and development, to formulating a strategy to maintain and grow a workforce.

Building a stable workforce begins with the recruitment of new employees and then supporting them with a robust and proactive compensation and benefits package. But, it is the beginning of an employee’s career where HR makes the first and biggest impact.

Recruiting The Right People

You know it’s hard to find reliable employees without a human resources department to recruit, interview, and onboard your employees. A time-consuming process to say the least. There are interviews to be scheduled, pre-employment screenings, and vetting of applications and resumes.

Human resources can take a lot of that responsibility off of your plate. This doesn’t mean you don’t have a say in the hiring of your employees, you have as much control as you want, but delegating the responsibility to human resources allows the leadership team to focus on their tasks. Plus, having one team handle recruiting and onboarding ensures cohesiveness and uniformity to the choice of new hires.

Onboarding And Assimilation

How sure are you that your new hires are being correctly and uniformly introduced to your company and its culture? By having a dedicated human resources team, you know that each new hire is properly welcomed when they show up on their first day.

Today’s employment laws are constantly in flux, and there are required disclosures and information that must be passed on to new hires. The last thing you want is a new hire to be introduced to your company by somebody who isn’t fully informed about policies of the company. It is a much better idea to follow a standardized onboarding program, so everybody is on the same page.

Maintaining The Benefits Portion Of Your Company Culture

When you look for new employees, you offer them a compensation and benefits package. If that package gets lost in the shuffle of day-to-day operations and benefits aren’t realized, it can lead to employees not getting the full experience of your company. In a worst case scenario, they could begin to think they aren’t receiving their benefits.

A robust human resources program will not only explain benefits, but it will also make sure employees are aware of how to sign up for and use their benefits. This builds a stronger team, and it creates a caring relationship between the company and staff.

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