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Equal Parts is grounded in data-driven decisions, applying a knowledge gathering approach to people and operations to uncover opportunities. This prepares Equal Parts to drive strategy and change from an informed perspective that earns leadership buy-in.

Equal Parts is grounded in data-driven decisions, applying a knowledge gathering approach to people and operations to uncover opportunities. This prepares Equal Parts to drive strategy and change from an informed perspective that earns leadership buy-in.

Core Optimization for Cultural Effectiveness

We review, repair, and optimize the three core functional areas of your organization where most inefficiencies arise: Culture, Data, Workflow.


We work to uncover and align values through transparent conversation with key leaders, uncover misalignment, and work to create better team dynamics.


We develop clearly defined Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), that creates a more engaged workforce, enhanced accountability, and improved productivity.


We develop custom dashboards and workflow for day-to-day operations that enable better analysis, planning, and forecasting and keeps teams on track.

Michael Valenzano

Founder & CEO

Michael Valenzano

Founder & CEO

“I improve tomorrow through inspiring my two kids to be the very best version of themselves.”

Our Approach

By introducing an anchored approach to what feels like complicated, longstanding problems, Equal Parts empowers the CEO and leadership team to make decisions, create cultural change, and maintain an efficient organization throughout growth and improvement.

John Sloss

Core Optimization Adviser

I am a culture detective. We each hold within us a personal culture, I am driven to discover how employees’ personal cultures shapes the larger culture of the company.

For the last twenty years I have worked with people. From working within a large non-profit organization to starting and running my own successful private practice, I have consistently worked with people on their journeys of growth. Now I get to do this on an organizational level and it is the most exciting step in my career thus far.

Mitchell Fortman

Core Optimization Analyst


I strive to provide clarity in decision-making through meaningful data analysis


In my career, I’m motivated to make data-driven decisions, predict future financials, and bring valuable key performance indicators to light. I’ll improve tomorrow by creating compelling transparency today.

Measured, Data-Driven Cultural Change

Equal Parts is more than a consultancy, it’s a transformative engagement that connects organizations with the information they need to improve team relationships, performance, and satisfaction.


Our initial work is to identify what’s functioning well and uncover dysfunctions contributing to ineffectiveness.


After determining the model of success, we create a strategy to optimize organizational performance for growth.


After recommended measures are implemented, we continue to monitor and adjust as the organization grows.

Our work is best reflected in the relationships we've forged with a diverse portfolio of clients.

A story of empowerment.

Through the formation of a true leadership team and using data to drive better business decisions, these two business owners, Paul and Richard, created growth and stability that freed them to cast a bold vision for their future.

“The value they bring is exactly what we need and will continue to need as we expand on our renewed success.”

– Richard Thompson, CEO of Unique Building Group

The owners of Unique Building Group knew their company wasn’t quite living up to its potential. They struggled to make clear decisions without an effective way to track and report data. And, they were often making decisions alone without the input from leaders who knew and understood what was happening day in and day out. Because of this, the owners remained overly involved in the day-to-day operations. With the visionaries sidelined, UBG was handicapped.

By redirecting the owners’ attention to growth-oriented activities, the company was able to make strategic hires and promotions to fill critical roles and formed a true leadership team to drive collaboration. Now focused on tracking, analyzing, and assessing data, the new leadership team uses information to solve complex internal issues. We tapped into the company’s unmet potential enabling leaders to lead, teams to collaborate, and the company to grow based on better data and collaboration.

A story of renewed focus.

When one of the company’s founders took over, he knew he needed help implementing his vision for the future.

"Equal Parts gave me the confidence to make and implement important and key organizational changes after a change in ownership occurred."

– Dirk Needham, CEO of CTM Apartment Services

After 30 years, there was a pivotal change in ownership at CTM. Dirk, the new majority owner, was left without a transition plan and needed a partner to help him develop a strategic roadmap for his new vision of the company. To grow, the company needed a strong leadership team and Dirk needed to get out of the weeds.


To help Dirk transition from day-to-day operations to the role of CEO, we used a data-driven approach to determine which activities required his time and attention. Then, a leadership team was assembled to manage the rest. Today, Dirk is focused on the company’s vision and he has transitioned from central decision-maker to high-level advisor. He used his newly available time to start a second company. Since our partnership, the company has achieved year-over-year growth and has a stable leadership structure that runs the day-to-day operations.

Empowering teams to achieve more.

We develop high-trust, effective organizations where employees are empowered to achieve success, goals are clear and attainable, and leadership has relevant, trackable data to take fast, decisive action that positively impacts their entire organization. Ideal results include:

Organizations are micro-societies that include personal values, skills, and history. High-trust, effective organizations are built on the strengths and values of cooperative employees working towards a shared purpose

The right information, at the right time, in the right hands doesn’t happen on its own. Efficiencies are only gained when an organization identifies its relevant, trackable data and makes it readily available for decision makers.

Leadership working together, with the information they need, on a regular basis enables fast, decisive action that positively impacts the entire organization. This frees resources for future growth planning.

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