3 Ways Your Corporate Structure Relies On Organizational Development

As businesses grow their company’s structure is going to change, it is inevitable. The best strategy for growing businesses to stay ahead of this change is to manage their organizational development proactively.

This means hiring the right candidates for your company, support them with ongoing training, and placing them in positions most advantageous for the company and the employee.

These employees are going to be the driving force for your enterprise’s future, they will staff newly created departments and their work ethic, and leadership styles will come to define your company’s culture. Planned organizational development will be the way you control your future company structure.

Selecting The Right Employees For The Right Jobs

The key word of organizational development is “development.” Your employees, as they expand and mature through their experiences and training, will show strengths for different types of work. You’ll want to capitalize on these strengths and place them in positions that will benefit both them and the company at the same time.

When you hire new employees, think in terms of the long game. Where will this person fit five or ten years from now? What positions can you see them filling? What do they want to do?

Organizational development cannot be happenstance. Consider how you want your company to grow and what kind of climate you want to foster. As you get to know your employees, your internal promotions and placements will make more sense if you hired the right people fro the beginning.

Setting The Course Of Your Company’s Culture

Planned organizational development will take your business down many different roads. For instance, a company might have started very loosely, perhaps a group of friends working together with few rules. But, as the company grew in market and size, they had to hire new people and set levels of expectations of employees.

Furthermore, they needed to create departments to handle finances, payroll, development, and marketing.

This change in employee size automatically could impact the company’s culture if core values and mission aren’t firmly established.

The culture will change because of the shifts in the structure of the company. New leaders will develop ideas that impact a company’s day-to-day operations and interactions.

This evolution will make sense if it is done carefully, with planning and purpose.

Staying Ahead Of The Game

Equal Parts Consulting works with companies experiencing fundamental changes in their growth. Organizational development is a natural occurrence for companies, but they need to be prepared to handle the inevitable changes.

If your company is approaching a change in physical size or market share and wants to maintain its core values, schedule a free consultation with Equal Parts Consulting. We work with emerging businesses in keeping their human resources in step with their expansion, allowing their leadership teams to focus on running their business.