How Asking Questions Can Help You Improve Employee Engagement

We talk a lot about employee engagement because we should. The dangers of having a workforce that isn’t engaged can cripple the most reliable and most efficient organizations.

So, you ask yourself how is the employee engagement at my company? How do I know? What am I basing my reasoning on?

The way to find out is merely to ask your employees on a regular basis. You can send out an anonymous and voluntary survey questioning your employees about your company.

Asking The Right Questions Gets The Right (But Not Always Pleasing) Answers

Every company is unique so tailor your questions to the demographics of your workforce. At the end of interviews with prospective employees, ask them if they see anything lacking in your company. This tactic might seem like a longshot, but you’ll be surprised at the level of honesty you’ll receive.

However, here are some questions you could ask that apply to almost any company:

  • Would you refer a friend or relative to work here? This is a crucial question. The answer says a lot about how your company is perceived.

  • Do you see yourself working here in a year? Five years?

  • What do you like most about coming to work?

  • How does your family feel about your job?

  • Have you experienced any undue stress outside of work that you felt was attributable to work?

These are only a sampling of the questions you could ask, but you should also ask some questions that are more specific to your company. If you have employees who previously worked for competitors, ask them in for one-on-one interviews.

The reason for the survey is simple, before you can change anything you have to understand how it runs now.

Asking the questions is the easy part. The hard part is building the employee engagement. How do you do that?

Striking A Balance Between Excellent Employee Engagement And Your Budget

Your surveys will yield a lot of valuable information about what employee benefits your company would like to have. You should take that information and see how it works with the way you want to lead your company. You’ll be surprised how many of their suggestions will dovetail with what you are looking for in your company’s direction and goals.

Equal Parts Consulting are experts at helping companies improve employee engagement. We have the added value of providing an experienced independent viewpoint of how your business is running and helping it get to the highest level of efficiency possible.

We are experienced in learning how your employees feel about your company using organic and non-intrusive means. If you are interested in improving your employee engagement, we invite you to contact us with your comments and concerns. We can help your company achieve the levels of success you desire.