Organic Infrastructure Optimization: One Simple Step You Can Take To Revitalize Your Business

Look back to when your company first started and compare it to today, odds are things have significantly changed. No doubt, there have been unplanned bumps in the road, and you have had unexpected developments.

If these developments exposed areas in your operations where the business is underperforming, it’s possible for you to correct things by employing some infrastructure optimization.

As stated on our services page, infrastructure optimization starts with the identification of areas in your business where you are “pushing the boulder uphill.” In other words, you might be trying to achieve results that are physically impossible or place too much of a strain on your resources.

How do you know when you are in this position? When you notice a lack of progress towards your goals, not meeting production or revenue projections, or you are experiencing increasing employee issues.

There is one quick way to determine if your company is on track, revisit your beginning and read your original business plan.

Business Plans Are A Map, Don’t Leave Home Without It

When you began your business, you probably drafted a business plan. If you are like many businesses after you achieved a certain level of success and comfort you moved away from the business plan. However, the business plan was what you wanted in the very beginning. It was your vision of the future of your company. So, if you believe you are in a position where you aren’t achieving everything you planned, now is a good time to revisit that plan.

For example, at some point in your plan, you probably had specific goals about your output, your market share, marketing plans, and other targets. Compare yourself today to those goals, are they tracking with your original objectives?

Chances are you will uncover areas where you aren’t meeting your goals. Those are areas worth examining in more detail and looking for ways to improve them. This approach is low-cost infrastructure optimization. You are reviewing your operations to see what could be improved.

No business plan? No problem!

If you began your business without a business plan, congratulations! If you survived the first few years, you beat the odds. So, how do determine what is working well, what is operating correctly?

Consider a bit of reverse engineering by writing down your company’s history from the future. In other words, sit down and map out how you would like to say your company progressed over the years. Highlight what innovations you took to improve your distribution, marketing plans, and/or market share. See how you could develop those plans for today.

For example, if you would like to push a plan to increase marketing in Europe, write down “In 2020, (my company) held back on non-essential improvements and, instead, engaged an innovative marketing team, and launched a large-scale marketing plan in Europe.”

After you are done with the history of your company, develop plans to make the projects possible.

Equal Parts Consulting helps many companies in the San Diego area implement infrastructure optimization plans, and achieve goals without putting a strain on resources. Often, an outside set of objective eyes can locate unrealized resources. If you would like to learn more about how we can help you do this, we encourage you to contact us.